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Palmižana is not an artificial tourist hotel like the ones built uniformly around the world. It is a unique and original landscape created and enriched for decades by its inhabitants. It is a landscape visited by people for over a century in order to enjoy close contact with nature, sacrificing some of the comforts of civilization. Short walks around the islands and their narrow and steep paths, through the luscious forest, somewhere still intact and impervious, lead you to absolutely solitary pebble beaches.

The Meneghello Palmižana restaurant is open every day from 08:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m., for our house guests we always keep the table booked for dinner at our restaurant.
If you decide differently please let our staff know so we can cancel the reservation.

The restaurant accepts all credit cards (except Amex). The nearest ATM is in the ACI Marina, on the northern side of the island or next to Toto’s restaurant. Many more are located in the town of Hvar.

Breakfast is served at the Meneghello Palmižana restaurant daily from 
08.00 a.m. to 10.30. a.m.

Just down the hill from the Meneghello Palmižana restaurant, directly on the beach, there's Toto's, the well-known fish restaurant, and  three other restaurants as well, so there is plenty of choice for everyone's taste.

You can rent a boat if you wish to reach more distant and secluded beaches or one of the other tiny islands of the Hvar Archipelago, recommended during the high season when the main Palmižana bay gets crowded; a Boat license is required.  Contact Luka Rent or Hvar Adventure agencies are the following: 
Luka Rent
Phone number: +385 091 591-7111 
Address: Riva 24, 21450, Hvar (Within walking distance from Hvar port);
Hvar Adventure
Phone number: +385 91 228 0088

Taxi boats operate between Palmižana and the town of Hvar, day and night, according to their schedule or on request. The taxis are leaving from the ACI Marina on the north side of the island;

By arrival and departure, we are glad to help you organize your transfers from Palmižana to Hvar and viceversa;

There is a small grocery shop on the northern side of Palmižana, in the ACI Marina, with basic supplies, but we highly recommend supplying in the town of Hvar;

The nearest emergency room is in the town of Hvar /15 min. ride by boat/ and the nearest hospital in Split, 1h time distance approx., depending on the ferry boat schedules, but also private speedboat transfer can be easily organized if needed. Emergency helicopters are also available in Hvar.