Exhibition "Modra rijeka modro more (Blue river blue sea)" (05/2018)

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Following last May’s big success in the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery, in Zagreb, this year the city of Sarajevo is proud to present paintings and sculptures from Dagmar Meneghello’s collection (1967-2018). We are happy to invite you to the OPENING of the exhibition MODRA RIJEKA MODRO MORE (BLUE RIVER BLUE SEA) on the 5th of May 2018, at 7.00pm at the Gallery Collegium Artisticum.
Hurra, the first week of SwimQuest has just ended. We want to thanks the amazing Meneghello team on Palmižana, Swimquest team and all participants for the beautiful and friendly atmosphere.
Palmižana warm sun and the blue sea made everything incredible and we are ready to welcome tomorrow the second week of workshop....and see you in September and October if you want to be part of this incredible adventure!!
If you like to be part of this beautiful experience just contact:
Charlotte Benton | +44 7743 233803 | Email: charlotte@swimquest.uk.com
Alice Todd | +44 7825 301443 | Email: alice@swimquest.uk.com
or check their website: here
Behind our work on Palmizana there is a lot of love but also a lot of sacrifice, we are grateful when people recognize it. Thank you!! You can read the article here
You can read the whole article here.
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