Paradise in your palm since 1906

If you are a parent…
  • Imagine an island where the air is clean and there are no streets, where your kids can run around freely.
  • Palmižana is a small community where you and your family will feel at home with us.
  • No need for cash or pocket money, you can “open a tab” and pay daily or at the end of your stay.
  • The beach is but a few seconds away from your bungalow. The shallow waters are ideal for small children.
  • “Toto’s Restaurant” overlooks the beach so you can watch your children while they play.

If you are a child...
  • Imagine a world of little houses among tropical vegetation where you will meet other children to play, swim, run, and eat with.
  • Imagine your parents relaxed and free of worries, knowing the island is free of dangers.
  • You can find all your favourite food: pizza, steaks, seafood, salads and ice-cream, and maybe even discover some great new dishes like pancakes.
  • Have fun at the Marina with the buzz of all the boats coming and going.
  • Imagine swimming in crystal-clear waters, diving, snorkelling, kayaking …
  • Imagine walking along with land turtles and beautiful peacocks …

For women…
  • Sleep as long as you wish as we serve a late breakfast.
  • Be “Au Nature”… forget your make-up, your skin will thank you for a breath of the island atmosphere.
  • No hair salons, no hair-dryers; the sea breeze will take care of that!
  • Have a morning massage after a swim for an energizing start to the day; any time is perfect on Palmižana.

For men...
  • You can sleep as long as you wish as we serve a late breakfast.
  • There is no stress and no interruptions, you can simply chill out!
  • After a fabulous dinner, you don’t need to go anywhere. You can simply relax and spend a quiet evening on the terrace of your bungalow. Chat, drink fine wine and watch the stars or maybe finish reading that book.
  • Spend the whole day in a pair of shorts and sandals.
  • Have a morning massage after a swim for an energizing start to the day; any time is perfect on Palmižana.

For Seniors…
  • You will love springs and autumns on Palmižana when the temperature is moderate.
  • The food is fresh and healthy as it is based on the culinary principles of Mediterranean cuisine.
  • The beaches and swimming in the sea is a few minutes stroll.
  • Take a walk and whether short or long your accommodation is always nearby.
  • You can simply stay where you are and feel fulfilled in the inspiration of the surroundings.

For the young…
  • You will always remember summers spent with your parents on Palmižana, and want to share the experience with your partner and friends.
  • You can swim, dive, surf, sail, kayak, or rent a motorboat.
  • You caan enjoy the buzz and carefree summer energy during the high season.
  • You can go out on the town in Hvar’s numerous cafés and clubs.
  • You can meet other explorers from different countries enjoying Palmižana and Hvar.

If you are in love…
  • You would enjoy the ambience of our romantic villas.
  • You will love having breakfasts at lunchtime.
  • Our restaurants have tables surrounded by flowers to ensure your privacy.
  • Enjoy Hvar until the early morning hours and return to Palmižana by taxi boat under a sky full of stars.

If you have a pet…
  • Bring your friend along and share your holidays together!
  • They are welcome and can run around freely and swim in the sea.