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PALMIŽANA is the popular name for the small island of St. Klement. It is one of many islands in the unique Paklinski archipelago renowned for its beauty. In the Southern Adriatic Sea, Palmižana is located just off the coast of the town of Hvar on the island of Hvar , island which has the most hours of sun of all places in the Mediterranean. The Meneghello Place is a rich tropical garden: a hundred-year old pine forest, exotic trees with beautiful flowers, fragrant and aromatic bushes, palm trees, yuccas, agaves, aloes….Because of its beauty, Paklinski archipelago was proclaimed protected nature park.

The accommodation on Palmižana is decorated in old authentic buildings and their original measures.  All the original structures were renovated. Everything is subject to nature.
A few years ago there was neither electricity nor water on Palmižana. Today all rooms have air conditioning. All rooms, bungalows and villas have private bathrooms with hot and cold water, although water is still transported to the island by water carrying ships. It is a precious and essential benefit to us, which is why we always pleed our guests to use it with care.

At the Meneghello Place there are a dozen villas and bungalows as well as two traditional rustic houses with twin and double rooms. The villas and bungalows are picturesque stone buildings which blend into the surroundings. Each one has its own terrace and is uniquely decorated, located just a few steps from the sea. All the accomodations are furnished with great care in a romantic Mediterranean style and decorated with works of famous contemporary Croatian artists. The villas can accommodate up to 6 people, the bungalows can accommodate between 3 and 5 people. All the accommodations are furnished with small refrigerators or a kitchenette.  
Guests have two beautiful Meneghello restaurants to choose for dining: the younger and attractive “Toto's” on the beach and the well-known “Palmižana Meneghello” with its wonderful view of the Southern Palmižana Bay. Both restaurants are famous for their fresh, local seafood delicacies and high-quality Mediterranean cuisine.
In the bay there are three other restaurants as well, so there is plenty of choice for everyone's taste.

Our guests have at their disposal all the benefits of civilisation, but Palmižana is still an island far away from the civilisation.
Palmižana is not an artificial tourist resort like the ones built uniformly around the world. It is a unique and original landscape created and enriched for decades by its inhabitants. It is a landscape visited by people for over a century in order to enjoy close contact with nature, sacrificing some of the comforts of civilisation. Short walks around the islands and its narrow and steep paths, through the luscious forest, somewhere still intact and impervious, lead you to absolutely solitary pebble beaches.
Therefore, even in the peak of the season you can avoid yachts and day-trippers and find a number of your own peaceful havens for swimming and sunbathing. In July and August Palmižana's natural beauty and excellent cuisine attract numerous cruisers; yachts and sailboats drop their anchors to enjoy the famed restaurants.